Friday, 28 November 2014

Russian Cuirassiers

These are CGM figures and were simple to paint up, they lack the detail of AB and Fantassin figures (WarModelling a.k.a Kapitan games no longer sell them). The flag is from Maverick Models. I now have two units of Russian Cuirassiers with two units of AB Cuirassiers to paint up.


  1. Nicely done! They remind me of the old Tabletop games figures from the 70'/80's

  2. Really nice Ken,
    Russian cuirasssiers are 1 of my favourites!

  3. Thanks gents! Gary, I cant say I've heard of the Tabletop range but then again I'm a relative newcomer to wargaming as it were.

    Cheers Dave, I love those Dragoons you recently painted up.

    Thanks James always nice to hear from you.

    Paul, the cuirassiers are excellent units to paint - I noticed that some had different coloured saddle cloths (matching their facing colours) I thought they were all red!

  4. Yeah ken, facing colour collar and saddle cloths and same for the Prussians (except Brandenburg and guard)

    Ekaterinoslav Russian kuirassiers look the coolest to me with orange cuffs and saddle cloth. I still have a regiment to do eventually. Maybe rose?

  5. Very nice looking cuirassiers!

  6. They look awesome to me! Nice work!

  7. Paul, I have flags for the little russia and Gloukhov regiments, so that would be green and blue I think.

    Thanks DeanM and Rodger, you can't beat cuirassiers!