Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Troops painted since Sept 2013

Once a year I take a count of the troops I've painted, so in no particular order are:

1 x Young guard  unit @24 men
1 x Empress dragoons @18 men
3 x Prussian Dragoon units @ 36 men
11 x Russian generals
8 x Russian infantry units @ 192 men
4 x Prussian supply wagons
4 x French supply wagons
1 x French Pontoon wagon
1 x French command @ 5 men
1 x Bavarian light cavalry @ 12 men
2 x Russian Cuirassier units @ 24 men
3 x Russian hussar units @ 36 men
4 x Bavarian infantry units @ 96 men
1 x Russian Lancers units @ 12 men
2 x Russian Dragoon units @ 24 men
4 x Russian HA with 12 crew
6 x Russian FA with 24 crew
2 x French Old Guard units @ 48 men
2 x Russian Cossacks units @ 24 men
3 x Bavarian Generals (painted by Paul)

Total = 601
added to 15mm figures already painted, 2742 +601 = 3343

I haven't counted the 28mm figures I painted for the big Ayton game in May 2014.


  1. Awesome headcount! So, when do we get to see them all together on the table? PS. I think the French might be a bit outnumbered :)

  2. Well done ken! My painting this year has been pretty non existent I'm sorry to say. Here's hoping for next year!

  3. Impressive. My painting efforts are shamed

  4. Thanks guys, I painted about 500 last year so I'm a bit ahead this year. The painting block started in May after our game at Ayton near Scarborough. Hopefully, its gone for a while!

  5. That is a most impressive tally. Well done that man! Now get 'em on the table for a game!

  6. Impressive numbers! I think those sort of numbers would count as a very good year for me too! :)

  7. ...and one of these days I may go in for quality not quantity!