Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mexican Horse Artillery

These are all Old Glory, the gunners and cannon are from the Zulu war range and the limbers are ACW. I had a few spare gunners left so I did a few head swaps. The ACW set had the riders and limber riders wearing a mix of floppy hats and peaky caps and did not really fit in with the rest of the unit who are wearing sun helmets. I painted them blue to represent a more elite unit i.e. horse artillery! - the foot gunners are painted in the same khaki colours as the infantry. The OG limbers had far fewer parts than the Perry Plastic ones I made earlier and weigh a lot more! There is something satisfying about the weight of  lead unit.

Well, thats the supply train and the artillery park completed. Now for two more command bases (one of which has special powers and thus remains a secret, unless the games master has spilled the beans) and two infantry regiments.


  1. Great looking Arty train. They are very animated and give a nice look of the train rambling along.

  2. A beautiful addition, no doubt...and a fantastic blue!

  3. Thanks gents - they dont look too bad do they?