Sunday, 22 November 2015

Perry Pavises for Lion Rampant

I've just completed a unit of 12 Perry Pavisers, these are French HYW figures. They painted up very easily, although the faces were a bit small and have little detail to paint. What really sets these guys off are the amazing transfers from Little big Men studios. The Lion is the symbol for the city of Lyons militia  and the Lamb, indicates militia from the city of Rouen.The transfers were very easy to apply, simply cut out and with the fingernail remove the clear plastic cover and apply the sticky side to the shield, use a few drops of water to get rid of the white paper backing and Voila!

I'll think I'll paint up another unit to use up the rest of the transfers.

Next to be completed are eight 'battered' markers, these are Foundry casualties.


  1. Lovely miniatures from Perry Miniatures and great paintjob!

  2. These Pavises are very, very impressive Ken, beautiful job!

    1. Thanks Phil, the transfers are very eye catching!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Andy! My most pretty unit to date.