Monday, 18 January 2010

6lb French Line Horse Artillery

As a small diversion I've painted and based up a battery of AB horse artillery. Four cannons each with four crewmen. The flock is still wet! Anyway, this time I've placed them 50x40 bases - this fits in with the Lasalle scheme where a base width (BW) should be the same for infantry, cavalry and artillery. Of course several months ago when I based the Prussian foot battery I based then on 40x30 bases - trying to cram in as many cannons in a small space as possible. I can see the logic behind the Lasalle system, given the frontages of the repsective units. However, even with the larger bases, in reality these guys would be moments away from getting crushed by the recoil of the cannon!


1 comment:

  1. Very nice Ken my good man,
    I find Artillery the hardest to paint. You have done a fine job with these guys.

    My Russian Command arrived today from Fantassin. Some are excellent and some not so nice. However they will fit the bill for my Russian command.
    Keep up the good work.