Saturday, 21 August 2010

10mm French Line Infantry - three battalions

Here are my first line infantry all 60 of them. The figures are by RedLine and are based in two ranks, 10 to a stand which is 30x15. I'm hoping to use two stands two represent a battalion. The flags are by warflag and seemed to have scaled down ok. These little guys took just over four hours to complete with a few minutes more for basing. I have of course still used the sticky backed magnetic material to protect them (I keep them in A4 box files) and even with this I dont think the bases are overly thick and still look reasonable.

Should 20 guys in a battalion be stretching the imagination a bit I can always make bigger formations as you can see below.


  1. Hi Ken,
    Really nice finish on your Frenchies. I somehow missed them for a couple of days. Who is going to be fighting them?

  2. Hi Paul,

    Good point - I'm planning on anglo-allied for quatre-bras and waterloo(Brits for peninsula also). I've toyed with the idea of Austrians or Russians, at least they had a wider and longer history than 100 days.


  3. Hi ken,
    Yeah that's why I swayed towards 1812-13 Russians.