Tuesday, 10 August 2010

sword problem

My GHQ cuirassiers arrived today and although I'm pleased with the overall sculpting, size and poses of the little guys and their horses I'm a bit disapointed with the swords. As you can see they look more like whips than swords - the metal is very soft and a few breakages occured already and the rest will not cope with wargame handling.

Any idea as to what I could use for substitute swords? Also, the manufacturer gave up trying to produce flagstaffs in 10mm using his alloy and expect customers to produce their own.


  1. Hi Ken,
    I have know Idea what you could replace the swords with,
    Have you thought of asking over at TMP or maybe the Pendraken forum, 10mm guys would be your best bet.
    That's a bummer!

  2. Hi There...

    Purchase some Brass wire .

    Measure the wire so its just over the length of a sword.

    Cut it.

    Then use some pliers to hold the wire ,and use a hammer to flatten the remaining length. ( leave where u have been holding the wire alone ! )

    Drill a pin hole in ur figures sword hand , and attach the sword with super glue.

    Use a dremel or mini rotor tool , to grind the flattened brass wire to give the sword its edge and shape its point.

    Try it out a few times so u get yourself more or less an idea of what works and doesnt work . The brass is easier to work with , and as its a bit soft shapes easily with a dremel .

    You shouldnt end up with thin whips at all ! Best of luck