Thursday, 18 November 2010

Three more French Command bases

Completed some more bases, as you can see Marshal Grouchy is back with his new ADC who is an officer of the 1st Hussars. I've given this officer a darker blue than the 1st are usually thought to have had. This is because the author of my French hussar book believes this to be the case (and he is French after all!).

The other two are Divisional Generals and I've given their ADC's the appropriate plume colour. I'm not too sure about the gold braid on the ammunition box belt but ah well.


  1. These are really nice Ken,
    I struggle with the uniforms for the French (very lazy to study all the books again). I have a load of AB's French command I will be painting up in future so it's good so see you have done a lot of the work for me ;-)

  2. Hi Paul,

    I look forward to seeing your AB French commands,I really like how you paint the faces.

    - about 5 minutes after posting these I realized that I'd forgotten to add the red braid to the generals gold waist sash. According to Alex Caberets site it's red for General de Division and blue for General de Brigade.



  3. I would never have spotted it Ken if oyu hadn't pointed it out?
    There is nothing to my faces just a black undercoat with the main points picked out with humbrol flesh. Do you wash the faces?

  4. I knew you used a black undercoat but the faces seem very well picked out. Especially the lips. I can do moustaches easily enough but have difficulty with the lips. I used to use washes for the faces but dont bother now since I'm a bit better at faces. If any wash gets on a face it will be by accident when I put the black wash on for the clothes.