Wednesday, 12 January 2011

1st Hussards completed

Here are a few photo's of the 1st Hussards, these are AB figures. I think they have turned out quite reasonable. The unit is 12 strong and of course does not have the impact of a 24 man unit but this way I can field entire corps - just a question of finding the right ruleset!

These guys had  a patchy history during the hundred days campaign, they were a part of Soults division in Pajol's cavalry reserve Corps but somehow got attached to Marshall Neys left wing operation on the 15th and 16th of June. In Andrew Uffindells book on Ligny there is a map of Quatre-Bras with the 1st Hussars present. Although I don't think they actually saw any action there. I tried the TMP website and someone posted a reply to say that no officer casualties occurred until the 20th of June at Namur. I would have thought all the French would have been long gone by then!

They later rejoin Pajols Corps in time to miss Ligny but may have been part of the scouting efforts to locate the Prussians. I have come across the memoirs of Pajol (Uffindell cites them) and in vol 2 he appears to talk about their detachment on the15th as a covering force to prevent allied flanking attacks. I'm using online translator software to convert from french to English but the sentences are a bit confused!

Ah well, thats one mystery almost solved.


  1. Very nice, especially the trumpeter, I do like a unit who has a contrasting musician, it sort of brings the unit to life.

  2. Some great figures there - I do like the various poses and Ray's right on the trumpeter comment.

  3. Agree with the guys above Ken,
    These are well tasty. I see you even picked out the number as well, very cool!
    Keep them coming . . .

  4. Hi Guys,

    Thanks very much for the kind words and encouragement.

    Yeah, I tried to show off with the sabretache thingy!