Monday, 31 January 2011

69th Regiment of Foot

These are AB figures and are my first British infantry since doing 1/72 plastics years ago. They painted up easily enough, I wasn't too sure of all those cross-belts mind you! The flags are by Ian Marsh from Fighting15s, I had to paint the edges of the regimental colour where I was a bit careless glueing the flag on leaving a bit white at the edges.

I not sure if they served in the Peninsula but I just had to make this battalion - imortalised in the film 'waterloo' when  marshall Ney throws the colours at Napoleons feet! They made a welcome break from the hordes of Prussians and French I've been painting for the last couple of years. Next up will be the 30th Foot.


  1. Hi Ken,
    Agree with Ray these look great.
    I have managed to avoid British as there are plenty of others I know doing them. Always fancied doing a Highland battalion or 2. Do you have plans to add any Scots to your British army?

  2. Thanks Lads. I have a AB highland battalion waiting to be painted. I'm also debating if I should get some OG highlanders, they looked ok painted up on the OG website (advancing pose with command).