Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dragoons Update

Thought I'd post some pics of work in progress, the two regiments with the pink facings are painted and spray varnished. These pictures show them getting the 1st stage of basing. I placed 'no more nails' on the 40x30 bases (the white stuff) and added PVA glue to the bases of the figures. Then covered them with a mixture of sand and ballast.

After the stands dry out I will paint them coffee brown and then drybrush, final stage is to add a mixture of tufts and static grass.The last photo is of the two scarlet faced regiments awaiting their turn.


  1. Very, very nice!!! Good work! Too bad about Man U. in UEFA

  2. Not the first time this has happend!

  3. I normally paint my horsies and riders separately, and only put them together at the end of the painting process but you seem to do them all in one go. Any particular advantages to this?