Saturday, 6 August 2011

Basing modifications

I was mulling over the details of basing conventions of the various rulesets that portray Napoleonic combat. One thing that I need account for is the size of the unit, e.g. some of the British guards battalions and the 52nd light infantry had over a 1,000 men or so. Currently, I just use two 40x30 bases to represent a battalion irrespective of the number of men it contains. Looking at Paul's Napoleonics in Miniature blog I noticed he based his Russian elites on two bases each having four figures. Thats pretty neat, so what I was intending to do was to implement the scheme on the right handside using 20x30 bases form my elites but also for some fusilers/centre company men. The left diagram shows my current scheme. Of course I'll have to do this for my Prussians since their battalions weigh in at 800 men!

The diagram below shows what I mean, where O=officer, E=ensign, D=drummer, C=centre(fusiler), L=light, G=Grenadier.


  1. Hi Ken are you planning on rebasing all your units?

    The basing system I use comes from the GdB rules. The AUthor and the guys who play with them have put a lot of thought into the basing and it works for me.

    If I could pass on a little advice? I wouldn't split up to many bases as they could be a pain to move around the table. I only split the Russian elites so I can put them at the front while in column and also in their place when in line (I would do the same with Brits).

    I don't know about splitting Prussians.

    Whatever you go for will be good to see how it works.

  2. I generally use 8 bases per unit of 2 bases of 20x25 and held together with a magnet underneath for infantry w/4 figures per base in 15mm(I hope that makes sense) and for Cav I use 40x30 with 3 figures per base. Which will generally work with Lasalle or AoE. For my 28mm stuff I use GdB basing as a rule as I like that structure for 28's.