Saturday, 7 January 2012

WIP - British Infantry

Here is my first post of 2012 and shows some work in progress on three battalions of light infantry and two line battalions. The light regiments are the 51st, 52nd and the 71st, the 71st should be quite distrinctive as they had the special highland border around the shako. These are AB figures.

The line regiments (not yet painted red) will be the 1st Royal Scots and the 44th East Essex, these are AB and Old Glory.


  1. Grand start Ken,
    INteresting to see you take on a different period, going to use them for waterloo also?

  2. Excellent start, the second pic hurt my eyes!!!!!

  3. Nice start - stay with them! Best, Dean

  4. Thanks lads, I got tired of painting blue coats, soon I'll be tired of the redcoats!

    Paul, these are peninsular infantry but most will have the waterloo flags. Wont be too amiss until I come to the guards since their flags are plastered with the battle honors gained in spain!