Thursday, 14 June 2012

5th tirailleurs Young Guard

These are two 24 man battaliions, figures by AB and flags by 'flags for the lads'. This is the 5th regiment, I was going to do the 1st or 3rd since they were present during the 100 days but I liked the 5th flag design so much I went for them instead!

The figures are in uniforms from 1808-1813 so they wouldn't quite fit the 100 days anyway. Out of all the guard units I think the Young Guard say more action than most. In fact during 1813/14 Napoleon failed to get enough recruits for the line infantry, however by expanding the Young Guard he made military service more attractive.


  1. They look good; makes me want to get a unit of these Young Guardsmen. Best, Dean

  2. Nice work Ken,
    Lovely figures. The FFTL Flags are really nice too.
    Good to see you back doing Naps!

  3. I can see why you chose this regt, the flags beautiful are very unusual for the French. Great work!!!!

  4. Thanks lads,the young guard weren't allowed eagles so I suppose they made up for it by using flags with the bugle horn symbols or similar. The 5th regiments flag shown here is VERY different!

  5. Very nice troops! A great work!