Sunday, 1 July 2012

2/3rd Foot Guards (Scots)

These fine looking chaps are the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd foot guards (Scots), although the 2nd battalion did not particpate in the Peninsula campaign they served with distinction at Waterloo. The Grenadier and center companies were positioned on the ridge just behind Hougoumont, the light company was placed in the chateux itself along with the other light company and was commanded by Colonel Macdonell. After many close calls they killed the few Frenchmen who actually made it inside - apart from one drummer boy! Finally slamming shut the gates and ignoring the flames when howitzers set some of the buildings ablaze!

The figures are AB and the flags are by GMB. Just to make them different to my line redcoats I gave these guys white trousers and of course the lovely regimental colours sets them apart also. The eagle-eyed will notice that they are uniformed for the Peninsular with their stovepipe shakos but have the Waterloo flags! Now I just need to complete another three of these!


  1. Very, very nice Ken! I like the couple of figures included with the fatigue cap on, it just adds another dimension to the unit,.

  2. Looking good Ken,
    My brother and our group fought out a Hougoumont battle last weekend so could have used your wee men.
    Very nice figures and the flags just finish them off!

  3. Thank you!

    What scale was the Hougoumont game?

  4. 15mm Ken,
    Here are some old pics of the buildings David painted last year:

    He done a fine job.

  5. A fine looking battalion of Guards Ken! When do you plan to field them?

  6. Hi Paul, I checked your blog and your brothers hougoumont building is absolutley fantastic!

    Hi James, once I get enough allied battalions ready for a half-decent game of quatre-bras then I'll use the guards!

    Probably wont be till Winter at my rate of painting...