Saturday, 4 August 2012

Brunswick Avant Garde

These are all CGM figures and  were easy to paint, they are still no where near as good as AB but a bit cheaper at £11.50 for a 24 man battalion from Vexilla compared with £18 for a AB battalion. Old Glory are best value for money with £15 for two 24 man battalions. Vexilla did not stock the skirmish pose which may have looked better.

I based these chaps quite  differently to my usual style, here the 24 man battalion is broken down into four bases with two miniatures each and another four bases with four miniatures. This is a little experiment for situations where an elite light battalion can be broken down for a skirmish line. I'm only going to do it for special regiments such as this one and the 95th Rifle battalions, otherwise moving the little men might be too much of a chore with lots of bases!

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