Saturday, 11 August 2012

Imperial Guard Grenadiers a' Cheval

I got a bit weary of painting Brunswickers and so decided to complete this heavy Guard cavalry unit. They had been primed some months ago and had collected a fair amount of dust sitting around while less glamorous units were completed.

These are AB figures and were an absolute pleasure to paint, especially after five battalions of old glory brunswickers! I painted the officers and trumpeters with gold but the troopers were completed in aurora, this is a kind of orangey-pink colour but ended up looking plain orange! Looking at some of the old plates on the internet I think I'm not too far away from the intended effect. I've included the brigade commander (Jamin) in one of the command bases to add bit spice.

As you can see I've also added a divisional general (Guyot) to command them. Just need to paint and flock the bases.


  1. Lovely unit and great figures, but this is the sort of stuff I have to ignore or I never get anything done!


  2. Beautiful work! The Grenadiers have one of the best uniforms of the period, IMO. Those AB sculpts and your painting has really done them justice.

  3. You've definitely done those justice. Lovely looking unit.

  4. Fantastic Ken!! Really nice work there.

  5. Hi Ken, Very nice painting,
    I can tell you enjoyed them as they are some of your best work. I have these guys to paint up to. Every now and then I get them out to tempt me. Who makes the colour you used for the Aurora?

  6. Thanks for the complements! I find AB's make all the difference with their details.

    Paul, all my paints are vallejo, I mixed equal parts of bright orange(70851) with gold (70996) and a little bit of flat yellow(70953). When I experimented with using pink it didn't look right, or at least not like the colour in the two pictures.

  7. Ken, your best work so far - lovely!


  8. This is a very nice work, a fantastic unit!