Sunday, 2 September 2012

Brunswick Light Brigade

Here we have the three Brunswick 24 man light battalions, 1st with pink facings, 2nd with yellow and the 3rd with orange. These are a mix of the old glory light BRN2 and line packs BRN1(mainly light since the line have the Lieb included). As I stated in an earlier post the light infantry did not come with bugles/horns but with drummers. Another discrepancy is that I gave each battalion a flag, this was one of the Battalions Fahnes copied from NapFlag, I used Microsoft paint to change the colour of the square to match the facing colour. Not too bad given I've a really crap printer! Again, I also removed the old flagstaff and replaced it with a metal spear.

I now have all eight Brunswick battalions completed - when funds permit I will get the foot battery and the hussars and lancers. Probably get the battery from Vexhillia (CGM) and AB's for the cavalry. CGM figures are ok for infantry and artillery but their horses really suck, they lack details. Old glory horses are worst of all as they are just too tiny!


  1. Nice units. Would really like to see a battle report and everything in action on the table.

  2. Hi Ken,
    These are great I really like the finish you got on them. The Brunswickers are a sweet contingent to put together because of their size.

    Look farward to seeing the who little army complete!

  3. Fantastic Ken! As Paul says , the Brunswickers are a great wee force to put together.

  4. Thanks chaps! I've been meaning to get the units out on the kitchen table for a while - I think I've done about 22 allied battalions since my last big parade.

  5. Wonderful units, painting and basing are great.

  6. Thanks Phil, I've visited your site today and I like your old guard!

  7. they look really nice, black for many painters is a night mare but you've got it down perfect.

  8. Thanks Kent! I'll have to see them en-mass and post pictures