Monday, 22 April 2013

Mexican Militia #2

Again, OG 25mm figures advancing with sombreros and sandals. My daughter reckons they look like they are wearing mushrooms on their heads! The sandals were a bit of a pain to do and for that reason I'll avoid ancient periods! I went for a slightly different look to these and gave then lighter coloured trousers. I based some (again) in single ranks for skirmishing, the ACW game down at Ayton  apparently uses skirmishing in the rules although not to an dominating extent, or so I'm told. The flag is by BattleFlag and I used a mixture of tufts and static grass for the bases. Coming up next is a regular line battalion.


  1. On the last post I said I liked the sombrero...I do not know where to turn here! Absolutly wonderful!!

  2. Lovely unit Ken! I shall look forward to fighting alongside them, or seeing them whither beneath my deadly volleys (skirmish order or no) if we're on opposite sides! :)


  3. Mushrooms or not, they look excellent!

  4. Thanks for the kind words gents.

    Wither beneath your volleys? These lads will probably be off back to Tijuana at the first shot!