Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mexican artillery

Here we have Old Glory 25mm figures, I'm quite a fan of OG their figures are reasonable well cast and sculpted and the price is good also. Each 6lb cannon has four men serving it. They are on 60 x 80 bases, although each base is in fact composed of two 40 x 60 bases (I used to base my 15mm cavalry on these). I simply super glued together onto the magnetic base. Next in line is militia battalion #2 of #3.


  1. Very very nice Ken! I love the sombrero, and the colors!

  2. Wow- those look great; OG can definitely be underrated sometime. Your painting on these nice sculpts prove that. Best, Dean

  3. Thanks Phil and Paul! I do think you are right there Dean, there is a bit of lead snobbery regarding OG. I think part of the problem is that the range (which is vast) is sculpted by many different hands.