Friday, 3 April 2015

More Mexican command bases

Finished off the last two command bases for my Mexican army. The chap with a lance and all by himself is for a special pre-game interlude. We are going pig sticking! the rules seem fairly simple and fun from a first read. Basically each player has a figure either mounted or on foot using either a lance or pistol. Several markers denote the presence of a pig. Once the players miniature is within close range a dice is thrown to reveal a piglet, sow or a boar. Rules then govern 'combat' with either the player or the piglet winning! Points are awarded for the number of pigs killed, collecting points is not much use if your chap is wounded or gored to death by an angry piggy.

The main command base of my character General Diaz.


  1. Lovely job Ken , they look great!

  2. Great stuff Ken, I like the Mexican striped hat bands!

  3. Very nice Mexican command base, Ken. The tricolor helmet bands look great.

  4. Thanks chaps - it's a bit poetic license on my part, I know they had tricolor sash's during the Tex-Mex war but I doubt they had them on the pith helmets!