Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Whitley Bay Wargames Club

This club was formed a few weeks ago and is a short drive from my house, we meet on a Tuesday from 6:30-10:00pm. There are usually a few games on offer, last night I played Sails of Glory with Lawrence and Steve who guided me through a couple of games.

The other games included a Samurai skirmish game, a Zombicide game, and a Seven Seas pirate skirmish game (which reminds me I really should paint up my 28mm smugglers and HM revenue men).

The game was reasonably fast and furious, similar in some respects to Wings of War in the sense that secret cards are used for movement. There the resemblance ends as there is a lot more book keeping involved as your ship takes hits on the hull and crew. Some very nice counters placed on boards are used to track damage control, each ship can do only so many actions and these drop off as you take hits. In addition you must also keep track of the wind in the age of sail! A couple of times I found my ship had lost the wind and was more or less dead in water for a couple of card moves.

Steve kindly acted as a coach for me as I captained a french ship while Lawrence commanded the British ship. We each managed a a couple of broadsides and some minor volleys, over the course of the game I lost a mast and towards the end I received a couple of leaks. This can be fixed but with losing so many crew I could not reload fast enough, so it was either quit the fight and sail away or sink! Very enjoyable but would take a few games for me to become familiar with the rules.

I took a couple of pictures at setup but was that engrossed in the game I forgot to take any more! The models come with the game are very elegant and there was a mixture of small nippy vessels to large ships of the line capable of devastating broadsides but lacking maneuverability.


  1. That's great to hear you have a new club close by. I have an eye on zombicide, it's a few bucks but will pick it up eventually.

  2. It's a good game right out of the box. We've played a few games and they have always been fun - but watch out which rules you use for collisions.

  3. I never really got to see the Zombicide game as Sails of Glory ..erm required my full attention, its not a game to be losing concentration on.

    Yeah, I'm really happy the club opened - two of the chaps have WSS armies so it's 'beneath the lily banner' time when we next meet. I've promised to host a Grande Armee game, possibly Ligny in a couple of weeks or so.

  4. Good man, that's what I was thinking, any naps players at the club?

  5. According to the list of members there's one guy who like me specialises in naps, I've not met him yet. The chap I play WSS with also has a napoleonic collection. So I'm guaranteed a game if I bring the armies.

  6. Great you have a club nearby. Also interested in this Sails game, have heard some good things about it.