Tuesday, 29 December 2015

2015 - figures painted.

About this time I take stock of the figures I've painted. So lets see for 2015.....in brackets is the number of figures but not including horses for 28mm limbers and wagons.

28mm(Lion Rampant)
4 x men-at-arms units (24)
battered markers (8)
standard bearers (4)
1 Pavaiser unit (12)
1 commander base (3)
1 crossbow men unit (12)

28mm Ayton Imaginations
3 x Mexican command bases (6)
Mexican bandit types (6)
2 x gatling guns (6)
3 x Mexican infantry units (108)
2 x Mexican horse guns and limbers (12)
3 x Mexican foot guns and limbers (12)
2 x supply wagons (2)

15mm Napoleonic's
2 x Bavarian foot artillery guns (6)
5 x Austrian command bases (12)
2 x Austrian infantry units (48)
1 x Hungarian grenadier unit (24)
1 x Austrian uhlans (12)
1 x Brunswick uhlans (12)
1 x Russian grenadiers (24)
1 x Russian Pavlov's (24)
2 x French cuirassiers (24)
1 x French cuirassier command (2)
1 x British Life Guards (12)

Looks like 215 x 28mm figures and 200 x 15mm figures. Hopefully, in the new year I can complete more 15mm Austrian and Russian figures and get to do the 1814 gaming project as well!



  1. Bloody hell, Ken! That's an excellent tally! Well done! Now if only you could get them to stay on the table longer... :)

    1. Cheers Andy! No chance of my luck changing though!

  2. That's quite a haul there Ken. I've given up doing a yearly tally these last few years......its far too embarrassing!

    1. Thanks Ray, I do like to crank them out when I can.

  3. Impressive numbers! Well done.

    1. Cheers Rodger, lets see what I can achieve in 2016!

  4. So many beautiful figures...very impressive...and Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks for the kind comments Phil and Happy New Year to you too.

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