Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Currently on the workbench

I've a few units of French line infantry that I'm painting up. These are Old Glory 1809 dress uniform march attack and 1815 full dress advancing. To give all my french units a 'uniform' look to them I decided to paint the 1809 lot with white gaiters rather than black. They won't look too different I hope from the trousered 1815 infantry. I've never liked the black gaiters reminds me of stockings and suspenders - I'm sure Freud would have a field day with that one!

Another pet peeve is the different flags used by the French i.e.1804, 1812 and 1815 patterns - I've decided to go with the 1812 pattern for conformity sake - as you can see from the box of french in the picture. I've also used self-adhesive magnetic sheet material under the bases and stuck ferro material insidethe box file. The little men are now as steady as rocks and won't be damaged during transit, not that I've yet joined a wargames club or anything so far.

So thats another 5 units to paint. You can also see my combined lens and light - now that was a godsend, if you cant see it you cant paint it.


  1. Hi Ken,
    Nice to see how someone else is preparing their figures for transit. My brother and I use the magnetic strip too. We have the steel sheets placed in A4 clear plastic boxes from Hobby craft (and a little idea by me, we added 4 10mm cubes of velcro on top and bottom so we could stack them securely when travelling).
    Nice collection.

  2. Hi Paul,

    That Velcro thing is a good idea for safe stacking during transit. Maybe I should go for clear A4 boxes too - otherwise I'll have to label the box files. My figures don't travel far at the moment, I paint upstairs in the study but store the completed figures downstairs in the dining area in a small cupboard.

    My son was impressed with the magnetic bases when I placed his elite hussar stand on the fridge!