Saturday, 14 November 2009

5th hussars yet again -finally

I based these a few months ago, the old way using superglue for the horses and then white PVA glue for the sand and rocks. Now I borrowed a tip from somebody (can't remember who now) to use "no more nails". Its some sort of adhesive from Unibond, I got mine from B&Q, not only does it glue them into place but you have plenty of time to position them. Also, the adhesive is thick enough to be moulded or contoured. The problem is not to put too much on though otherwise the figures look as though they are marching through a deep plouged field. I got some grass tufts from Ancocetis workshop and some usual static grass. 

Thanks for  looking



  1. Looking great Ken,
    It fair changes the look of a unit once you get it all grassed up.

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