Thursday, 25 November 2010

Prussian Line Infantry Unit

Just completed a line infantry unit - these are Old Glory figures and quite nice ones I think. They dont have a flag as yet, I'm going to order some from Fightin15s. My printer just isn't up to the job of printing the fine details and consequently looks a mess. Speaking of Fightin15s, the prices have been increased yet again so it is now £6.00 for 8 foot or 4 horse. The grass is of two types, the shorter grass was originally for my 10mm figures, I may at a later date trim the grass as it looks too regular in shape.


  1. Hi Ken,
    Your Prussians are excellent,
    Keep them coming. I spotted the rise in AB figures 83p per individual figure (I thought 63p was pushing it) and VAT goes up to 20% in January! I will have to seriously consider what 15mm figs I will be buying in 2011. Got some AB Saxon infantry on ebay!!!! Sweet!!! (just need a couple of battalions to bulk it out and that will be me from AB for a while (unless I win the lottery or my old toys sell well on ebay ;-).

  2. Also Ken I have stacks of Prussian Flags from Naps flags that are pretty nice if you need them. Let me know what ones you will need and I can post them out to you. I think I got 2 lots printed out 1 set a little smaller than my own and they may fit better with your OG as I drilled out the hands and inserted paper clips.
    Best Regards

  3. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the kind offer but I'll just order some from Fighting15s - my xmas present to myself will be two carabineer regiments so I'll get the flags then.


  4. next to be completed will be a Westphalian Landwehr cavalry regiment.

  5. No probs Ken,
    I will probably be getting some AB figures for myself for Christmas before VAT goes to 20%.