Friday, 23 December 2011

42nd Black Watch

Completed the 42nd highlanders, these took just over a week to do and there was a lot of detail to these AB figures. In fact for the same amount of time I completed six battalions of french great coated infantry! This is a 24 man battalion  with the centre companies on two 8-man stands and the flank companies on two 4-man stands. Not to scale I know but....anyway flags are by GMB.

Viewing them on the blog has shown up some mistakes such as the officers bonnet where I've been a bit messy with the brush, guess I'll have to touch these up!  WIP includes some french infantry commands, prussian hussars and four more battalions of Brits.


  1. They look fantastically nice to me. I wouldn't worry too much with what you perceive as "mistakes" in the blown up photo. I notice things like this on my 28mm stuff, but with the naked eye and especially on the game table, they're not noticeable at all. Best, Dean

  2. WoW! Fantastic looking figs, nice one!!

  3. Well finished Ken,
    At least you don't need as many of them as you do your French ;0)
    Awe ra best

  4. Thanks for the kind comments over the last year and Merry Xmas to all!

  5. I have this unit made from Battle Honors and it's amazing how similar Anthony Barton sculpted both lines. Nice paint job!

  6. Thanks Vive l'Empereur! How do the bayonets stand up to handling? I heard that they are a bit brittle. However, if they are much the same I may buy some as they are cheaper than AB's.

  7. Hi Ken,

    I missed these posts over Christmas. The 42nd are VERY nice. Look really good!