Friday, 11 May 2012

Ayton 2012 - Musketiers

Here are the remining musketier battalions. Nothing special just two more boxes of Wargames Factory 28mm plastics and rebasing of the original Jackdaw battalion. I didn't even give them names but just gave them four different cuff and legging colours (blue, red, green and purple). Any mounted figures you see are 25mm Old Glory Marlburian's.

 (Jackdaw 30mm figures)

WGF (28mm WSS)- green facings

WGF (28mm WSS)- purple facings


  1. Very nice!! I've not heard of Jackdaw figures??

  2. Beautiful work; odd color coats - but unique. I also have never head of those figures. Best, Dean

  3. Think you've sold me on the Jackdaw figures. I had some 'Willie' 7YW figures years ago and they were always my favourites. (Lost in a house move!)

    Might have to reinvest . . . .

  4. Thanks again! I got them from Old Glory UK, the musket arms and swords need supergluing on mind you. The coats are unsual because they were for an Imaginations game and I wanted something different. Although, to be fair I think the Danish infantry had similar coloured coats.