Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ayton 2012- Ottomans

These are the Ottomans, since the Ayton 2012 game is based around an imaginations North African state called Byzarbia I thought I'd better recruit some locals for the invasion. The first unit are Old Glory Arab cavalry, I added a drummer and trooper from the Essex Miniatures catalogue to make the unit up to 12 figures. I gave these guys different coloured coats and shields to give them a less uniform appearance.

The next unit I'm really proud of, these are Old Glory Palestinian Auxillaries. There was little in terms of uniform guides apart from a computer game which showed some patterned details I had no chance of painting! However, I ended up painting them a uniform red and simply called them a light infantry unit and based them 5 per stand in loose order.

The third unit is of OG fanatics - these are somewhat scantily clad but have murderous fury! I added a severed head to one of the swordsmen to add a bit spice to the unit, however I left the shields a plain bronze colour to reflect that these guys here to kill and not to look pretty. Painting the skin and muscles was a bit of a challenge but I think they turned out ok. However, we never got to see how they performed as it never reached the front in time to see any action! :-(

OG Arab Cavalry

 The light Infantry (OG Palestinian Auxillaries)

 OG Illaryi Fanatics


  1. Beautiful figures, a great work!

  2. Excellent painting Ken!! That's a nice palette you've used, from the colourful Arab Cavalry, to the brown a yellow Palestinians, to my favs the Fanatics, love the decapitated head, very blood curdling!!!

  3. Thank you gents. They are certainly different to my usual output of Napoleonic types!

  4. I still like those Palestinian chaps! I really must do a gallery for my stuff as well!
    It was a fine force you put together there and they did well in the game despite the big guns and the horrendous terrain! :)