Friday, 5 July 2013

French Light Regiment

These are OG 15mm infantry - the pack is called "VOLTIGUERS SKIRMISHING CAMPAIGN DRESS 1809", with hindsight perhaps I should have gotten the actual light infantry options! Some have the greatcoat rolled like Prussians across the chest, the coat tails are really long. I based these four to a stand and so can act in skirmish mode or as formed infantry. I gave them two companies of voltiguers instead of one, I painted the Chasseurs all with green pom-poms. The flags are by Maverick models and in fact Stewart actually designed the 2nd battalion fanion for me! I requested a fanion with the hunting horn symbol and he created it in a few days. The wounded figures are from the OG Young Guard pack and there is an AB officer somewhere.


  1. Oh I like them Ken,
    Really nice!

  2. OG 15mm is very good, and you did a great paintjob with them Ken, wonderful work!

  3. Thanks! They were a challenge.