Sunday, 15 July 2012

Brunswick 1st Line

These are Old Glory figures and don't have much detail to paint. They are in fact Brunswick 'light' infantry but still came with drummers rather than buglers. The pack of line infantry is split between 'line' and 'lieb', unfortunately not 50-50 but with only 12 'lieb' figures which ain't enough to build a battalion. I guess I'll order some CGM figues. The flags are by GMB. The flag poles were a bit short so I cut them off and drilled holes to replace them with brass spears.

I don't have any regimental history to these troops although Mercer comments on their extreme youth (average age of 18) and they suffered terribly from French artillery fire. Mercer also comments that when the French cavalry launched their attacks he refused to take cover inside their square thinking that if they saw the British gunners running for it they would run too.


  1. Very nice unit! The flags (after transformation) are really great.
    Nice blog too, I'll come back!

  2. Nice unit. The Old Glory figures paint up well.


  3. Brunswickers always seem 'colourful' somehow, I guess because that splash of colour sets off the black really well. You have done 'em proud. The flags set off your great paint job nicely.

  4. I have a soft spot for the Brunswickers! These look wonderful. Great work.

  5. Very nice unit. Braunschweiger are just great with their black garb.

    Also - it's really Leib(battalion) not Lieb. I think you guys pronounce Lieb as we would pronounce Leib over here, maybe that's where this misunderstanding came from.

  6. Thanks for the kind comments gentlemen - I plan to complete all eight battalions of the Brunswick division.

    I'll try to be more careful with my Leib in future! I'm looking forward to seeing the battalions massed together.

  7. Hi Ken,
    Nicely done, I have the complete Brunswick division for GdB. All OG figures so good to see these guys finished. Perfect for a big can of black spray paint!!!

  8. Hi Paul,

    Have you painted them yet? If so any pics?



  9. Hi Ken,
    Unfortunately not, My brother will eventually do them I think as he has taken an interest in the 100 days campaign.

    Pitty they didn't make a Duke figure for quarter bras.

    1. CGM (Vexilla)have him - after the 3rd line battalion, I'll paint him and his aide next!