Friday, 20 July 2012

Brunswick 3rd Line

As last two posts, same techniques I drybrushed the uniforms with off-white to bring out hussar braid and crossbelts. I didin fact paint all three battalions a very dark grey and then gave it a black wash but the figures just went all dirty instead. I was thinking that the dark grey would enable the black crossbelts to be easily picked out and the wash would seep into the folds of the cloth.

Next up will be the Duke of Brunswick.


  1. Very nice Ken,
    Have you tried a drop of flesh in the black for a highlight? Can be a nice change.

    What figure are you using for the Duke? A bloucher figure possibly??? Will have to wait and see!!!

  2. I'm using the Duke of Brunswick figure by CGM, they produce a command pack of three: Brunswick, a general and a hussar ADC.

  3. Brilliant no converting!!! I'll look forward to seeing him!!!