Wednesday, 4 July 2012

2/1st Foot Guards

Much the same as the last the post but this time it is the 2nd battalion of the 1st Foot Guards - again  we have AB peninsular infantry and GMB flags.They are in same the 'advancing' pose as the 2/3rd battalion and the bayonets are quite fragile compared with the other AB poses such as the 'at ready', I have lost two so far and this is without any gaming!!.

It was originally formed in 1656 as the King’s Regiment of Guards for Charles II and for various reasons is the premier regiment in the British army. During the war in Spain it gained battle honours at Corunna (1809), Barrosa (1811), Nive (1813).

This battalion was part of the1st Brigade commanded by Major General Maitland during the 100 days campaign. On the 16th June as the 1st Guards arrived at Quatre Bras they were promptly thrown in to the battle and drove the French back out of the Bossu wood.During Waterloo Lord Saltoun commanded the two Light Companies of the 1st Guards who which held the garden and orchard of the chateau while the other two Light Companies of the Coldstream and Scots Guards were commanded by Lt-Col James Macdonnell, responsible for the buildings. The centre companies and grenadiers were up on the ridge where they later routed Napoleons Old Guard after Wellington shouted 'Now Maitland. Now's your time!'

Here we have a few shots of them along with the other battalion.


  1. Another fine looking unit of redcoats. Best, Dean

    1. Thanks Dean - they took some time to piant.