Thursday, 16 January 2014

Russian Cuirassiers

These are waiting for their flag to arrive from maverick models, the figures are from Warmodelling/Fantassin. The standard bearer needed the original pole removed and a cutdown 25mm metal spear put in it's place. I think I'll need another three units of these if I'm to do the 1814 campaign at brigade level. I have three units of Russian infantry nearly completed, but I need to complete three command stands, two hussar and two dragoon units, another Cossack unit. Paint fatigue is setting in and I haven't even touched the Bavarians, Austrians or Wurrtenburgers! In fact I'm not looking forward to the Austrians with all that white to paint.


  1. Nice looking Cuirassiers, great work Ken!

  2. Well done Ken, you have brought the best out of them. I just stuck some fantassin Russian command bases down last night and cleans up some Russian cuirassiers tonight. Great minds!

  3. Great looking troops! Nice basing too. Best, Dean

  4. Thanks gents!

    Paul - I was going to do some priming today but its too damp.