Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Russian Dragoons

These are WM figures, they carry the flags of the Kiev (yellow) and the Ingermanland (red cross) dragoons but the facings are in fact a bit different! Easy to paint, there was little detail to worry about and now I'm getting quite used to painting cavalry. The figures look better in real life, as the artificial light from my modellers lamp hides the shading/highlights.

There was a division of dragoons present at Brienne (which was fought 200 years ago to this day), even at the rate I'm churning out the figures it's going to be a couple weeks before I can get my forces ready. The 2nd battle, La Rotheire is even bigger and requires the Bavarians and Austrians. I'm not painting the Wurrtemburgers who were present and will probably use Prussians instead to represent them.

Next to be completed are some command bases, (yes, you've guessed right - Russian!)


  1. Good man Ken,they look great!

  2. Great work, waiting for the command stand!

  3. Thank you! Painting fatigue is now setting in. I'll upload the completed command stands and thats it for a few days.