Saturday, 4 January 2014

Russian Foot Artillery

These are old glory figures, they are a mixed bag of poses, some good some bad. Typical OG artillery pack with 24 figures and six guns (a variety of gun types from a single 12lb to a mortar and licorne). Some folks may not like the variety but I don't mind. The figures are mainly wearing Kiwier shako's but with a couple of gunner in caps. I'm not too sure if I got the colour of the guns right, I know they had a darker hue than the French apple green. So I mixed 50/50 of vallejo military green and sick green.

Next in line is a unit of WM Russian Curassiers. 


  1. Very nice work Ken, a great set of guns and crews!

  2. Brilliant, some of your best stuff yet Ken.

  3. Thanks guys! I also have some Russian horse artillery to do.

  4. They look superb - there's nothing quite like massed Russian Napoleonic artillery on a wargame table!