Sunday, 4 January 2015

2014 recap

Happy New Year to you all!

I never achieved my goal of re-fighting the 1814 campaign, however I will endeavor to do so this year. I did manage one battle, namely Brienne around June and after that I sought of lost my mojo. The next battle will be La Rothiere assuming I can get enough Austrians painted up! Although I did manage to complete one Austrian infantry unit in December.I have a mix of helmet and shako infantry for variety. Of course this will lead to the 1809 campaign and the numerous battles fought that year!

If all goes to plan I will visit the Vapnartak wargames show at York in early February hopefully the weather will behave itself and there is the big game at Ayton (Scarborough, Yorkshire) in early May. For that game I will paint up some more Mexicans (circa 1860-1880s). I really look forward to Ayton every year now as I meetup with the LAW guys (Loose Association of Wargamers). They are a really decent bunch of gentlemen to game and socialise with.


  1. Happy new year Ken! Look forward to seeing some 1809 and 1814 reports!

  2. Happy New Year Ken. Best of luck for 2015!

  3. Thanks Chasseur and Michael a Happy New Year to you both!

  4. Happy new year Ken! Good luck with the White uniformed guys!!! snow blindness for the new year. I think Austrians are probably the most attractive looking army when seen on mass?

  5. Cheers Paul and Happy New Year.

    Yeah, I might alternate Russian and other units to avoid the snow blindness syndrom!