Wednesday, 21 January 2015

BlueMoon Russian Grenadiers

These are the St Petersburg grenadiers, who saw action at Borodino and several other places in the Napoleonic wars notably during 1814 campaign. Flags by are by Maverick models and this time I remembered to paint the edges, also by a 50/50 piece of luck I think I got the  flags the right way around. 

Although the Russians have a very basic uniform that is more or less the same for all line regiments they have the prettiest flags I think. All are various combinations of colours of crosses. I have another 3 of these Bluemoon units to paint.


  1. Lovely Russian grenadiers Ken, yeah I love the Russian flags to. Maybe because there are 2 and they are simple colours and big! Not many of those little scribbles of battle honours that disappear in 15mm.

  2. That's a nice looking unit (as were the Austrians in the past post). I like most (though not all) of the Blue Moon Napoleonics and, although they're not a serious challenge for the AB sculpts (and they're not meant to be), they have very nice character.
    I've got a few units on the blocks and yours have inspired me to make a start.

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  4. Thanks Stryker, much appreciated.

    Hi Paul, yes, two flags is always better than one !

    Cheers Gary, get painting my friend!

  5. Lovely work on these and the earlier Hungarians, Ken.

  6. Thanks Dean, yes I'm quite happy with the Hungarians.