Thursday, 26 December 2013

Some Toys and WIP

Santa had been very busy, he delivered lots of shiny lead, mainly Russians and Austrians (Old Glory, Blue Moon and Warmodelling). He also managed to frame a print of Captain Sharpe and his merry band. This print was a birthday present that sat in its tube for many months and now graces my study wall. Checking out the ladies present I think there's only two that he didn't have his wicked way with! I also have three other prints to frame and hang (Napoleons farewell to the old guard, France 1814 and Borodino by Lejuene).

The first WIP picture is of OG Russian artillery and three AB generals, along with the old guard. The second shows a host of Prussian cavalry, French Cuirassiers who need to wait until the Russian horsemen are sorted(these are WM figures on the bottom right handside)

Hopefully, Santa has been generous to you all!


  1. That's enough cavalry to re-fight 1814 at 1:1 mate. Good luck!

  2. Yes, the table will be a little crowded!