Tuesday, 17 December 2013

L'Empereur 1814

Well, here he is with Marshal Ney and three others somewhere in France during the 1814 campaign. The Napoleon figure and Ney are by Warmodelling (a.k.a Fantassin). In fact this company has created about six or seven versions of Napoleon based on the different campaigns. I gave Ney the usual blue cloak rather than the brownish one that Messionier has depicted him in. The two similar looking generals are AB but the middle one is an AB body with a Warmodelling headswap (why? because he was a colonel in shako and it was the only spare general head I had). Well, there they are with their cloaks and greatcoats in the miserable winter of 1814. Not my greatest of command bases with such a mix of figures.


  1. Nice work Ken, still my napoleon looks at me from the lead pile.

  2. A great looking command base Ken, keep up the great work!

  3. They look good - I like the winter basing too. The AB and Warmodelling figures go well together.

    My French are commanded by an old Essex Napoleon that I am not to happy with. I have the Old Glory seated Napoleon with leg up on a drum still to paint as a replacement.one day.

  4. Thanks guys, I wasn't too sure about mixing them but if it doesn't look too bad than I'm happy enough.

    I fancy the Borodino Napoleon myself - you can tell that he's having a bad day!