Monday, 9 December 2013

French Supply Train

One thing my armies have been sadly lacking are ammunition caissons and supply wagons. So I ordered 2 x large supply wagons packs and 2 x ammunition caisson packs. Each pack comes with two vehicles, the others will be painted up for the allies. These are of course old glory 15mm, they were easy to assemble (superglue) and with a bit black wash have turned out reasonably well. I did add two extra horses to the wagons to make up the numbers to four horses with two outriders riders (the caissons came with four horses).

My first 1814 battle (Brienne) scenario calls for a Prussian supply train to used as part of the French victory conditions, so they won't just be used for eye candy! These French wagons will have double up up as Prussian/Russians since the train stretches across the table. The vehicles are based on 100 x 40 mm MDF with magnetic backing.


  1. Beautiful work! I've always liked these non-combatant subjects - a nice change.

  2. Absolutely lovely. Nice to see something a bit different and so well executed.

  3. Top eye candy Ken, I do like to see wagons and caissons around the table!
    French as Prussians/Russians, my goodness man you'll have old Blucher and Kutuzov rising from their graves! ;-)

  4. Nice wagons Ken, love the bright green!

  5. Very nicely done and good to see something different!

  6. Very nice Ken, love these non-combat units!

  7. Thanks guys! I think I'll need some wagons for brandy and wine to keep the game going.

    I'm sure the old boys(Kutuzov & Blucher) won't mind that!