Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Prussian Supply Train

Didn't take too long to complete these, basically the same old glory 15mm caissons and wagons as per the French. The wagon packs came with three nationalities (French, Prussian & Austrian), I've had to use all three since I added extra horses. I didn't paint the bases, just added tufts and static grass.

Thats £15 per pack of 2 x wagons (or caissons), does anybody know a cheaper option?


  1. Greaaaaaaaaat! I love them!

  2. Very nice indeed, I think that's a good price, it does annoy me, the price of items such as these, they're not really needed in games but its nice to have them, and then they stick a silly price on them and we still feel the need to buy them??? Mad! the lot of us!!